👋Welcome to Tempest!

Tempest builds and manages renewable energy producing assets such as solar & wind facilities and transfers the benefits directly to $TMPST token holders.

What is Tempest?

Tempest is building a scalable digital asset platform that allows individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprint emissions by purchasing our native $TMPST tokens.

What are $TMPST tokens?

$TMPST tokens represent a share in our total green energy output. Each $TMPST token constitutes a unit of energy created from renewable energy sources like wind and solar farms. Measured in terms of kWh, Tempest creates environmental attributes Green Tags that represent a verifiable kilowatt hour of renewable energy produced. These environmental attributes, green tags, are owned by Tempest and thus $TMPST token holders, allowing users to freely trade verified units of green energy while utilizing the speed and transparency of blockchain technology.

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