The Tempest team consists of renewable energy developers, a blockchain developer, a social media marketer, and a DeFi expert.

Sunny.Wind - CEO

Sunny.Wind is a 25 year wind energy executive with vast experience in wind energy project development and management. Originally an automobile industry expert, Sunny.Wind has worked for a variety of small and large domestic and international wind energy development firms. He has had direct project development and management. His role for Tempest will be to analyze wind energy projects for production output for viability for portfolio inclusion.

Spock - COO

Spock is a 30 year experienced entrepreneur with a proven business track record of being a hands-on wind energy project developer and the CEO of renewable energy development companies. Through his efforts and partnerships, he has facilitated the investment of approximately 3 billion dollars in over 2500 megawatts of wind energy production facilities. His role for Tempest will also be to analyze wind energy development projects for portfolio inclusion and to provide construction management of those facilities.

Wonder.Woman - Social Media / Graphics

Wonder.Woman handles all of our social media accounts. She comes from a background in marketing and assists with our graphic design and keeping the community up to date on all things related to Tempest's development. Wonder.Woman is excited about climate change and is always around to answer any questions from the community.

Green.Nixon - DeFi Expert

Green.Nixon is a highly experienced and respected figure in the DeFi ecosystem. With a proven track record of supporting numerous DeFi protocols, including Safemoon, Olympus DAO (and forks!), Strong nodes, and more, he has become a trusted advisor and thought leader in the blockchain community.

As a valued member of the Tempest team, Green.Nixon brings his extensive knowledge and expertise to assist with navigating Discord, community engagement, and overall DeFi-related oversight. His passion for DeFi and unwavering commitment to supporting emerging projects in the space make him an invaluable asset to the team.

With his vast network and deep understanding of the intricacies of the DeFi landscape, Green.Nixon continues to make a significant impact on the growth and development of DeFi.

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